The Rusanoff team is focused on creating long-term, and most importantly, trusting relationships.

Your trust is the key to overall success.

We provide professional assistance in selecting the best offers in such areas:

  • Unsecured lending for individuals.
  • Secured lending (apartments, private houses, cottages, garages, land plots; offices, warehouses and other commercial real estate).
  • On the security of your car for parking and with the right to drive
  • Urgent redemption of real estate (residential and non-residential).
  • Legal assistance with problems with online loans, microloans, financial institutions and collectors.
  • Services of an insurance lawyer.

LLC “Financial company “Rusanoff” (Limited Liability Company) values its reputation and your time!!!

Benefits of working with us
We work with all our clients without exception and try to help in any situation.
Our consultations are according to reality
Individual approach to each client
Rusanoff company makes every effort to select the best credit programs for you on the financial market.
A high indicator of our professionalism, which is confirmed by the trust of our regular customers.
The level of trust from our side
We work with all clients without exception and try to help in any situation.
Loan for individuals
  • We work all over Ukraine.
  • The purpose of the loan is not important.
  • Term up to 60 months.
  • Early repayment without penalty.
  • Any form of repayment: classic, annuity, at the end of term.
  • Loyalty program for repeat application.
  • We work with negative credit history.
  • There is no insurance or prepayment.

Terms and Conditions


  • Age of borrower from 21 to 70 years old.
  • The amount of a loan from 20 000 to 500 000 UAH.
  • From 2% per month.
  • Officially employed
  • Unofficially employed (under contract)
  • Self-employed
  • Retired
An INSURANCE ADVOCATE will protect you from problems

You didn’t just visit this section, did you? Probably you have some problem that does not allow you to sleep, work, rest, do your daily activities.

  • we do not want to appear to be better than we really are;
  • we don’t talk in beautiful and confusing words with a clever look to present our work and make it more meaningful;
  • we do not win cases in order to brag about it to our colleagues over a cup of coffee;
  • we are committed to solving your problem, because it really matters to us;
  • we always try to solve any conflict peacefully first, and as Ostap Bender said:
    “A man should not let himself get convicted. It’s amateurish.”

Believe me, we are human beings and we care more about your troubles than you do. We work and treat our customers the way we would like to be treated.

We also love it when our customers leave us happy and satisfied. And then, if possible, when they are around on their own business, they drop in for a minute just to share their news, to tell us something!

The insurance company is a group of people who really don’t want anything to happen to you.

The insurance contract, aka car insurance, aka policy of compulsory insurance, generates rights and obligations for the Insurer and the Policyholder.

In case of an insured event, the insured is obliged to inform the IC about the event that happened to him in a timely manner, to provide relevant documents. The Insurer also has certain obligations to the Policyholder: to accept from the Insured an application about the occurrence of an insured event; to make a timely inspection of the vehicle; to arrive at the scene of the accident, etc.

Unfortunately, very often the Insurer, abusing the ignorance of the Insured, does not fulfill his obligations, thus delaying the payment of insurance compensation, reduces the amount of insurance compensation, inventing reasons for refusal to pay insurance compensation or reasons to reduce the insurance payment.

Think for a moment, who is interested in the payment of insurance compensation – the Insured or the IC? The answer is obvious. Having an insurance policy on hand is not a guarantee that you will be paid insurance compensation and still in time and in the desired amount. Therefore, the Insured should take care about the fact that all necessary documents should be prepared properly and submitted in time. After all, it is the lack of awareness of the Insured in the process of applying for a payout is often the reason for the Insurer to delay the timing of the payment or refusal by the Insurer.

You should consider that if you will responsibly perform all the necessary actions when applying for payment of insurance compensation, there will be a higher probability of payment in full and on time. In any case, it is advisable to enlist the support of the specialist who will save the time, nerves and get the insurance indemnity.

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Your legal tools for settling your relationship with the insurance company is our experienced INSURANCE ADVOCATE:

  • will consult for free;
  • will analyze the actions and inactions of the IC for their compliance with the Law;
  • will advise what actions should be taken to resolve issues related to the payment of insurance compensation, protecting your property interests;
  • will study the terms of your insurance agreement and explain what your obligations are in case of an insured event;
  • will advise what steps you need to take to expedite the payment;
  • will help you to prepare and submit all necessary documents to the IC;
  • will use all means of influence in relation to the IC in case of violation of the obligations imposed on him by the insurer;
  • will provide any other legal assistance you need in obtaining an insurance indemnity.
Loans secured by residential and commercial real estate, URGENT BUYING
  • Loan secured by real estate up to $ 200,000 quickly, legally, reliably!
  • Interest rate of 2% per month.
  • Fill rate up to 70% of the market.
  • Do not take into account your credit history and financial burden in banks or other organizations.
  • We offer special conditions for those who want to refinance!

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The task of our advocates is to solve your problems!

Loudly, but the consumer allergy of “GETTING MONEY FOR FREE” is a constant problem for the average person when it comes time to “RETURN.”

Stop risking your money and your safety.

Yes, of course, we know how painful it is to talk to representatives of microfinance organizations.


  • Victor Tsuperyak

  • Roman Len

  • Elena Rudenko

have already closed more than five hundred microloans

Legal algorithm:

  • to complete the client card, the advocate needs to know the area of your problems,
  • discuss the terms of the settlement agreement with the creditor, listen to you, convey to the creditor,
  • make a settlement agreement or go through appeals, court approvals

And, what we do:

  • talk to creditors instead of you
  • we organize your dialog with your creditor in a legal way
  • legally “close” issues, draw up the necessary documents for the resolution of issues on loans

What we can do

  • write-off of illegal interest;
  • the ability to break down the payment of the debt in installments;
  • writing off all interest by the military (participant of military operations). If the military customer pays interest, it is refunded;
  • closing of enforcement proceedings;
  • release from seizure of property and all of the client’s accounts;
  • representing clients in courts;
  • closing the debt to the Lender for the body (in some cases);
  • withdrawal of the notary’s writ of execution

We have one goal – “CLIENTS ARE SATISFIED”.

After 29 days, you will see for yourself.

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Our lawyers
Victor Tsuperyak
Advocate at Rusanoff co.

2009 - graduated from the Kyiv National Economic University named after V.Hetman, Jurisprudence, Lawyer qualification.

Total work experience is more than 15 years, The practice of law since 2013, more than 94% of cases have been won

Legal practice: legal disputes with small financial organizations, administrative violations of traffic safety, disputes on the road accident, administrative, civil, family, labor law, business services, representing individuals and entities in courts of all instances, the European Court of Human Rights.

Roman Len
Advocate at Rusanoff co.

2005-2010 - graduated from the National Academy of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Jurisprudence, Lawyer qualification.

Legal practice since 2010, including the lawyer.

Winning cases is almost 97%.

Practice: work on controversial issues with microfinance institutions, banks and other financial institutions, legal advice, the preparation of procedural documents, representing clients in courts of all directions and instances, support the execution of court decisions, preparation of tender documents and participation in the tender, support for participation in public tenders, support for the adoption of inheritance, finding the property of the testator, the registration and changes on the property rights, imposing, removal of encumbrances on movable and immovable property, seizure of current accounts, conducting registration and changes to limited liability companies, private enterprises, public organizations, etc., conducting registration by payers of value added tax and single tax, conducting registration of trademarks and intellectual property, support, preparation and conclusion of purchase and sale, gift and mortgage agreements, conducting the enterprise record keeping, legal support of economic activities, including the preparation and legal analysis of all types of business contracts.

Elena Rudenko
Aadvocate at Rusanoff co.

Information in the Uniform Register of Advocates of Ukraine

Certificates and awards

2005 -2010 - graduated from the National Academy of Internal Affairs, diploma with honors, Jurisprudence, Lawyer qualification.

2010-2012 - received a master's degree from the National Academy of Internal Affairs with honors, Jurisprudence, Lawyer qualification.

Since 2012 – has been working as an Adjunct at the National Academy of Internal Affairs, Department of Administrative Law and Process

Total work experience is 12 years, about 96% of cases won.

Scientific practice: organization of work of employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in conditions of shortage of time and information, administrative offences in the information sphere

Legal practice: legal disputes with small financial organizations, administrative violations of road safety, disputes on road accidents, insurance disputes, family disputes mediation, business support, participation in tenders, public procurement, transaction support, contractual and claims work, representing individuals and entities in courts of all instances

Latest reviews
№ 70 Подяка

Багато років працюємо з Оленою. Завжди дає якісні юридичні консультації, оперативно ознайомлюється з документами і матеріалами справи. Якісно вирішує всі юридичні питання компанії. Олену Руденко рекомендую, як професіонала своєї справи.

№ 69 Велике дякую Олені Руденко)

Не перший раз звернувся, результатом задоволений, адекватні адвокати, які знають свою справу на 100%. Головне без пафосу та по людськи, раджу не підведуть , поставлені питання і завдання доведуть до логічного та справедливого рішення.

№ 68 Щира подяка Олені Руденко

Від усієї нашої родини висловлюємо подяку за професійне, послідовне і результативне вирішення нашого питання!

№ 67 Дякую Олені Руденко

Війна, проблеми з роботою, а внаслідок борги…важко та безпросвітно. Кожен день шукаєш вихід із ситуації, а знайшовся він, коли до мене потрапив телефон Олени. Вона завжди на зв\’язку, завжди напише або передзвонить, відповість на всі питання, навіть на тисячу питань, все пояснить, розкладе по поличкам. І перемога не забарилася…всі борги закриті. Дякую)

№ 66 Олені Руденко

Дуже вдячний Олені за допомогу, було багато мікрозаймів, більше 20, не знав чи взагалі візьмуться, взялися, так, було довго, але завжди підтримує, гарно спілкується і швидко та вигідно для клієнта вирішує всі питання, дякую що ви є)))

№ 65 Руденко Олені

Дуже задоволений послугами . Діло вигравали не один раз, дуже рекомендую .

Our successes and achievements
Stoppage of recovery on the basis of a notarial inscription

Stopped foreclosure on the basis of a notarial inscription on a loan, as well as the recognition of the executive inscription as unenforceable.

Read more:

About the reduction of alimony
Reduced the amount of alimony payments in favor of the alimony payer
On stopping the recovery on a notarial inscription

Stopped the collection from the client on the basis of a notarial inscription of a private notary.

Read more:

About payment of underpaid pensions to those displaced from the ATO zone

Proved illegality of actions of the Pension Fund for failure to pay underpaid pensions to a migrant from Donbass and obliged to pay the pension in full.

On the recovery of damages due to a traffic accident
Recovered from the perpetrator of the accident the amount of loss that is missing to cover the costs of restoring the car of the injured person.
On taking away a driver's license for driving under the influence of alcohol

Proved illegality of police officers’ actions in drawing up a report on liability for driving under the influence of alcohol, the fine was cancelled, and the driver’s license was restored.

Actual articles
Какой должна быть реклама онлайн- и микрокредитов

В октябре 2021 года Национальный банк утвердил требования к раскрытию МФО информации об услуге потребительского кредитования, как на сайтах, так и в рекламе потребительского кредита.


Кредитный онлайн-договор имеет такую ​​же юридическую силу, что и обычный – бумажный

Сегодня поговорим о юридических аспектах оформления займа через сайт или мобильное приложение микрофинансового учреждения или МФО. (more…)

Что МФО должны размещать на сайте
Что МФО должны сообщать клиентам о своих услугах

С 2022 года МФО обязаны раскрывать полную информацию об услуге потребительского кредитования и реальную стоимость кредита для потребителя. Небанковские финансовые учреждения должны публиковать следующие существенные характеристики потребительского кредита на своем сайте:


О законности взыскания долга с заработной платы по исполнительной надписи нотариуса

Исполнительная надпись нотариуса – это распоряжение нотариуса по взысканию денежных сумм с банковских счетов или истребованию от должника имущества, либо же с заработной платы осуществленное на документах, устанавливающих задолженность.


как должен вести себя коллектор
Как должен вести себя цивилизованный коллектор

Резюмируем положения Закона Украины № 1349-IX «О внесении изменений в некоторые законы Украины по защите потребителей при урегулировании просроченной задолженности» касательно правил поведения коллекторов со своими “клиентами”.


Исполнительная надпись нотариуса и как ее отменить
Что такое исполнительная надпись нотариуса и как с ней бороться

Исполнительная надпись нотариуса – не смотря на то, что данный исполнительный документ достаточно четко регулируется законом, до сих пор практика его использования в тех случаях, где это не предусмотрено законом, до сих пор существует.


Our contacts

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