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About us

We are glad to meet you and we want to introduce ourselves to you.

RUSANOFF, a young but very energetic team, has become the market leader in consumer protection for credit products in two years.

Why did we decide that? We didn’t decide that, but our clients did.

But the war, unfortunately, brought grief, pain, tears, and, of course, financial poverty into the everyday lives of Ukrainians.

Therefore, our solution is unconditional assistance to everyone.

Everyone who is at war, or who is hiding from bombs in a basement.

To everyone who was left without a home and to those to whom the front became home.

Every child who lost his mother. To every father who keeps the children and mothers asleep.

From now on, we have become the ones responsible for helping every Ukrainian, so you are reading about us now.

Our Documents

The financial crisis of Ukrainians

We are proud of our country, the foundation of which is the people of Ukraine.

The people of Ukraine are the bravest, the most courageous, the most freedom-loving people.

That’s why our task is to make every Ukrainian confident in material stability.

The task is to make sure that all social and material guarantees are implemented without fail, not just words on the air or on a piece of paper.

We are confident that a new home should be built in place of every destroyed home, as well as that every family of a soldier who died for the freedom of Ukraine will receive proper reparations for the pain of their loss. We are sure that every Ukrainian who has lost his job deserves a new job and support, as well as that every soldier must be financially supported for bravery, for willpower, for courage, thanks to which Ukraine has not fallen and will never fall to its knees.

Children of war and our bright future!

A child bringing lunch to his mother’s grave is something that is painful to write or talk about. It hurts to even imagine it in a theoretical version of real life.

But, sadly.

There are no other people’s children.

Every little Ukrainian should feel that he is not alone, that he is not just with him the country of Ukraine, with him the whole world, the whole universe.

Of course, there is no substitute for mom or dad.

But we can take care of the child, give care, guardianship and love, it is in our power.

That’s why our mission is to give every child a good, sunny and happy tomorrow!

Animal deaths

After all, we understand that no one has the right to remain silent about the catastrophe of human loss.

But it is forbidden to remain silent about losses in the animal world, too, we believe.

The war statistics on injured dogs, cats and their deaths are still silent.

But, it can’t be done that way.

It can’t to save the survivors.

After all, we are responsible for those we have tamed.

After all, we are responsible for those who cannot help themselves, unfortunately.

And they, abandoned, running around in search of food under bullets, on the contrary, help us, people.

They, faithful human friends, dogs or cats, give us to understand that they can be friends till the end of their life, which is shorter than ours.

Not to leave, not to offend, to thank for faithfulness, friendship and devotion!

Unite and join
Let's give that we can to those who are now in trouble that the Russian war has sown.
For the bravest warrior – Ukrainian!
For the smartest keeper – a Ukrainian woman, a mother!
For every Ukrainian angel child!
For each of us, please unite! Let's do what we know how to do.

Client account details opened with KREDOBANK JSC
Customer: Charitable Organization “International Charitable Foundation “Rusanoff”
Identification code: 44759517

In US dollars (USD)

Intermediary BANK OF NEW YORK MELLON, New York , USA
Beneficiary’s ban JSC KREDOBANK Lviv, Ukraine

In Euro (EUR)

Intermediary KBC BANK NV, Brussels , Belgium
COMMERZBANK AG, Frankfurt, Germany
UNICREDIT S.P.A., Milano, Italy
Beneficiary’s bank SC KREDOBANK Lviv, Ukraine


In hryvnia (UAH)

Recipient Charitable Organization “International Charitable Foundation “Rusanoff”
Identification code 44759517
Beneficiary Bank Code 325365
Beneficiary’s account UA243253650000000260080036756
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    We are with you, with every Ukrainian, with every soldier and officer, widow and orphan, mother of a soldier and son of a dead mother, with Odessa and Kharkov, with Kherson and Donbass, with gratitude to Lviv and Transcarpathia.
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